Time to Study Philippians (in Eight Weeks)

Do you remember my friend Eileen? She wrote a series of posts on Homeschooling One Child earlier this year. It was a blessing to learn from her and now I am grateful to have her back again.

Eileen will be guiding us through an in-depth inductive study of  The Epistle to the Philippians. She will be here every Saturday (for 8 weeks), so I encourage you to come and join us. Bring your markers, your notebook and a copy of the book of Philippians, she says it will be helpful to have it handy because we will be highlighting and marking the text.

This Saturday, October 9, will be our first study session, please pass the voice and invite your friends to join us.

Isn’t this a great opportunity to go through a Bible study with your teenage daughter besides you? I am planning on doing this. Mom and daughter studying the Bible together is a gift from above.


Happy Tuesday!





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5 thoughts on “Time to Study Philippians (in Eight Weeks)

  1. >O I am so sorry, Petra! I know this move was a bummer…I have asked and they said that sometimes it just takes time and nothing else to get it all fixed. Yes, I will be posting the studies every Saturday.Blessings!


  2. >Will you be posting the studies? I've not been getting your post updates since you've switched over. I have signed up twice with 2 email addresses and I still keep missing your beautiful posts!! Makes me sad!


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