>Classical Education and Memorization


A very good book for you to read if you are a homeschool mom who follows the Classical model is, Wisdom and Eloquence. A Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning, by Robert Littlejohn and Charles T. Evans.

I read it few years ago and even though it is written for Classical schools, I think it is important for us to read it and understand more about the Classical education, and then bring into our homeschool those things that we (husband and wife) know that can be a blessing to our children.

Some of the tools we use to memorize.

I like these particular paragraphs in which the authors talk about the importance of memorization:

“…We do believe, as did the ancients medievalists, that the first essential component of learning is “remembering” and that the essence of effective teaching is helping students, at the very level of cognitive development, to remember critical content and skills and how to apply them.” (p.162)

“But we need to say it again for our times: memory is indispensable to learning, and there is no practical definition of learning that does not presuppose that students must remember things. In an educational environment in which this position is not to be taken for granted we have to work to perfect this aspect of our instruction” (p.165)

Memorizing is a habit that I want to teach my children… and myself.

And you may ask, what do you want them to memorize?

Most of all, God’s Word, then the rest!

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3 thoughts on “>Classical Education and Memorization

  1. >Persis, YOU are so right! We must read more books and less blogs! :)Emily, O I wish I were that organized! One day I will write on how much I NEED little helps as binders and post-its to HELP me organize my life. Those are my "crutches"!Much love, dear friends!


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