>A Grateful Heart Gives


My daughter’s eye captured this… I love her!

Borrowing my friend Persis’ words, I must say that even though I grew up a Christian,  “I have been doctrinally undernourished most of my life”, it was 7 years (almost 8) ago that the Lord brought us to understand the Doctrines of Grace and since then, we have been devouring the Word of God and theological books. What I learned in the past I learned it so well, that changing all that wrong information has taken a great big deal of time and study.

Now, my family speaks English as our second language, and we are grateful for that and for the fact that we have been able to buy books online and have them shipped to Mexico to nourish our souls. But I want you to imagine for a minute what it is for many people in the Spanish speaking countries, who are starting to be nourished  with sound doctrine and are not  able to find easily good books in Spanish. Think of your five favorite theological books in English, the most probable thing is that they don’t have them all published in Spanish…yet.

We have big Christian bookstores, but I guess you can imagine what kind of books they sell, all those books that preach any thing but the gospel. However, I am grateful for one ministry, one beautiful ministry, that is working hard to get more and more good books, that teach sound doctrine translated into Spanish and published.

I am grateful for them, and I want to invite you to prayerfully consider donating to their ministry (Disclaimer: My family is NOT involved in this ministry, I am not doing this for personal reasons at all) Their books are not sold expensive, I have seen that they try to keep the prices as low as possible, but that is not easy, as you can imagine.

I am so grateful for having all these book options in English, but there are many, many brothers and sisters in the Spanish speaking countries that are “doctrinally undernourished” and maybe, we can help a little bit so they can have more good literature in Spanish.

Faro de Gracia

My gratitude list goes on, only because He is who He is!

911. Being able to read English.

912. My husband willingness to buy all these books for our family.

913. Faro de Gracia

914. A Kindle to read more…

915. The Word nourishing my soul.

916. Laughter at the family table.

917. Our camera

918. My daughter resting her head on my chest.

919. Kisses in the morning.

920. Little one excited about spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa.

921. Our oldest son, his love for books.

922. A model of a virus, a time to make memories.

923. Visiting the park and buying a carnivorous plant.

924. Huge “leaves-cake”

935. Eating out.

936. A date with my Beloved.

937. The song of the birds.

938. Four dogs that make our children’s lives so happy.

939. Silence.

940. Noise

941. Dreams.

942. Tears.

943. Contentment.

944. Tea with my daughter.

945. Yellow and Blue.

946. New music on the piano.

947. Holding hands.

948. Being able to breath today.

May your journey this week be one of gratitude.

Under His sun and by His Grace,

3 thoughts on “>A Grateful Heart Gives

  1. >I enjoy reading your gratitude lists, Becky. Thank you for sharing about the need for sound theological books in Spanish. Looking at my own small library, I realize how blessed I am. May the Lord bless the translation of the Word and good books!


  2. >What a gorgeous photo from your daughter! The ministry sounds wonderful! It's so easy to take for granted the easy access to English books. I'm so happy a ministry like that exists! God is so good 🙂


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