Praying the Psalms -Psalm 116-


I love you, my Lord,
because you have heard my voice and my pleas for mercy;
so many times I have sinned and you have brought me before You
 to ask forgiveness, only to find mercy at your feet.

I love you, my Lord,
because you have inclined your ear to me.
 – who else can I call day and night?
    who else will hear my heart beat
    and my deepest dreams?
Therefore I will call on you as long as I live.

When the snares of death encompassed me:
the pangs of Sheol laid hold on me:
when I have suffered distress and anguish
I have called on your name:
“O Lord, I pray, deliver my soul!”

– Lord, I am so thankful for this, 
  you not only hear my weary voice,
  but you hear to answer my cry.
-Lord, I am forever thankful, because
 you turn your ear to hear the voice of 
 your people, your delight is in answering our pleas.

Gracious you are O Lord,
Righteous and merciful you are, my God;
You preserve the simple;
When I was brought low, you saved me.

Lord,  your deeds are too wonderful for me to grasp,
 you delight in raising up the low;
 It amazes me that you, the Most Holy One,
 will  stretch out your hand to save sinners like me 
 from the darkest pit.

-O my soul, don’t be anxious for nothing,
 have you forgotten Who the Lord is?
Return, O my soul, to your rest,
for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.

-Lord, I am grateful because in my iniquity,
 you came to me and cleansed me,
 and not only that but you have dealt  with me
 with many blessings, with many gifts,
 I don’t deserve any of those,
 yet you have dealt with me bountifully!

Lord, my God, you have delivered my soul from
my eyes from tears,
my feet from stumbling;

My heart can’t comprehend your grace!
I am yours, all my gratitude is due to you!

Because of your perfect sacrifice,
Because of your amazing grace,
I will walk before the Lord
in the land of the living.

What shall I render to You,
O Most High God for all your benefits to me?

What shall I render to you,
O Most High God for all your benefits to me?

I will lift up the cup of salvation
 and call on the name of the Lord,
I will pay my vows to the Lord
in the presence of all His people.

Precious in the sight of the Lord
is the death of hos saints.
O Lord, I am your servant;
You have loosened my bonds.

For this I am grateful, O Lord,
for who is he who buys a servant
only to make Him free?
It is only you, O Lord, who looses
the bonds that separated me
from your divine love!

I will offer to you the sacrifice of
and call upon your name, O Lord.
I will pay my vows to the Lord
in the presence of His people,
in the courts of the house of the Lord,
In your midst, O Jerusalem,

Praise the Lord!

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1 thought on “Praying the Psalms -Psalm 116-

  1. >Beautiful, Becky!One of my favorite ways to describe my life in the Lord is that He has dealt so bountifully with me in so many ways.Do you write these prayers in your family journal?Blessings to you for a joy-filled day, friend!


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