>Giuseppe Arcimboldo – Adam and Eve-

>My little one and I are truly enjoying this year our studies on Botany; we are currently studying about fruits and I wanted to introduce her to the paintings of this quite exotic and imaginative Italian painter from the XVI century, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who loved to make portrait heads using objects like fruits, vegetables, flowers and others.

Well, while looking at his work, two paintings stood out, (none related to our fruits’ study, though) The Portrait of Eve and the  Portrait of Adam.


These are definitely not my favorite representations of Adam and Eve, but one thing I do like and find quite interesting is that the artist portrayed each one of us, all human kind, in Adam and Eve.

What are your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “>Giuseppe Arcimboldo – Adam and Eve-

  1. >Given that so much hinges on a historical Adam and Eve being the parents of the human race, it is interesting to look at these paintings in that light. I prefer his fruit and vegetable portraits, however.


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