Beautiful Words

Some words are just too beautiful that they need their own very special place.





Workbook Notes:

I have so many little projects that I would like to make…
today I found my inspiration here,
Something tells me I got the “creative bug”
and will be soon making some other pretty things…
Today I will buy more markers,
Because I would love to try painting more stones with more colors.
(I already had the white marker at home)
I even thought these would make beautiful gifts during this
coming season, don’t you think?

>Summer Children’s Gallery


I am sure that your children (or grandchildren), just like mine, love to paint, create, craft, model with clay, design with cardboard boxes, cook, or even write throughout the summer; and I am also sure they like to show the world what they have created.  That is the reason why I thought it would be a wonderful idea to invite YOUR children to display their art every Saturday during this summer in this place, in the Summer Children’s Gallery.

If your children (or grandchildren) want to participate, it is very simple:

1. You must be a friendly reader of this blog (a “follower”, or a subscriber)

2. Email me a picture (or two or three) of their art work, or culinary abilities (including their recipe), and I will display it here. Be sure to include their age, the media they used, and maybe a note written by them.  (dailyonmywaytoheaven (at) yahoo (dot) com)

3. Please, pass the voice and share the fun!

I would love to see what your children are creating; I am sure we will be surprised.

Soli Deo Gloria


>Giuseppe Arcimboldo – Adam and Eve-

>My little one and I are truly enjoying this year our studies on Botany; we are currently studying about fruits and I wanted to introduce her to the paintings of this quite exotic and imaginative Italian painter from the XVI century, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who loved to make portrait heads using objects like fruits, vegetables, flowers and others.

Well, while looking at his work, two paintings stood out, (none related to our fruits’ study, though) The Portrait of Eve and the  Portrait of Adam.


These are definitely not my favorite representations of Adam and Eve, but one thing I do like and find quite interesting is that the artist portrayed each one of us, all human kind, in Adam and Eve.

What are your thoughts?