>A Prayer in the Evening Before the Lord’s Day


“Now give us to remember that tomorrow is the sabbath of the LORD, and that it is a high day, holy of the Lord and honourable, and give us grace to sanctify us ourselves, that tomorrow the Lord may do wonders among us; and to mind the work of our preparation, now the sabbath draws on.
When thous sawest every thing that thou hadst made in six days, behold all was very good, but in many things we have all offended. O that by repentance and faith in Christ’s blood, we may wash not only our feet, but also our hands, and our head, and our heart, ans so may compass thine altar, O Lord.
Now give us to rest from all our own works, and to leave all our worldly cares at the bottom of the hill, while we go up to the mount to worship God, and to return again to them”

Matthew Henry, A Method for Prayer

May the Lord bless you tonight as you prepare your heart for the Lord’s day!

A Prayer On The Morning of the Lord’s Day (you can read it here)

4 thoughts on “>A Prayer in the Evening Before the Lord’s Day

  1. >Lovely prayer Becky. We're about to head out to gather as the church body, lovely to think about this on the way out! I love the photo too – is this your table??? More keen to meet around your table to discuss the Lord face to face 🙂


  2. >Thank you for this Becky. I love the Lord's Day and it is only recently that I have truly taken to regarding and treating this day with a holy reverence. I love these words by Matthew Henry. Pray the Pliego's have a beautiful Sabbath tomorrow! Love and blessings!


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