>Make Me, O Lord, Like Timothy and Epaphroditus

>I finished this week memorizing chapters 1 and 2 of Philippians.  Chapter 2 verses 19- 24 speak to us about Timothy and verses 25- 30 reveal to us another godly man’s characteristics, his name was Epaphroditus.

This is my prayer after being meditating on these verses these past weeks.

Lord, I acknowledge that all your Word is inspired by you, breathed by You; and it is profitable for teaching me how to live, it is profitable for correction and for training me in righteousness, so that I may be competent, equipped for every good work. Lord, I am so grateful that you inspired Paul to write this letter to the Philippians; thank you because as I study it, I see that even in those words which I some times read without reverence and a learning spirit, You speak to us.

Lord, create in my a heart like the one Timothy had; it amazes me to read that he was the only one genuinely concerned for the welfare of the church at Philippi. O Father, that I too may be genuinely concerned for my brothers and sisters in Christ, for your Church. Forgive me,  Father, because I have many times seek my own interests. So many times I have said that I am concerned for others, but I soon forget to keep them in my prayers and now I see that it is a clear sign that I am not genuinely concerned for them. Help me to be willing and available to serve your body, starting with my own family, just as Timothy was willing and available as a son with a father to serve the church at Philippi.

Lord, create in my a heart of a servant like the one Epaphroditus had. Just to see how Paul loved him! He was certainly a good brother to him; he was a fellow worker, a fellow soldier, a faithful messenger and a minister to the needs of others, even to the point of risking his own life to serve the Church. Lord, I long to be a good and faithful servant; always willing never nagging, or complaining. Help me have and keep a joyful attitude as I serve you where you have placed me, my home. Help me be a faithful fellow worker to my husband, a fellow soldier, praying without ceasing; help me be ready to minister to the needs of my family at home and at church.

This is my prayer today, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,


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