A Love Song That Makes Me Close My Eyes When I Listen -and a giveaway-

When my husband and I got married, one of the dreams we had was to travel through the world together. It really seemed like an impossible dream, but we are grateful that God’s Providence has brought that dream to come true.

Friends always ask us which has been our favorite country, city, or corner of the world… we always say it is so hard to tell, every place has its own magic. There are many books that tell you all about traveling, and the 1,000 places to see before you die; and every time I see them I think to myself, “no matter where I go, or not go, the eyes of my husband is what I don’t want to miss seeing.” 

So, no matter where you travel, or not… make sure that you see into your husband’s eyes today.



Andrew Peterson has so many wonderful songs, that I am sure you would totally love. So I have decided I will give away a copy of his CD, Counting Stars, which also has another love song that I just love, Dancing in the Minefields. To enter your name in this giveaway,  leave a comment here and maybe share with us your favorite love song,  and -if times permits- a story on why that song makes you close your eyes?

I will announce a winner Tuesday, February 14


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9 thoughts on “A Love Song That Makes Me Close My Eyes When I Listen -and a giveaway-

  1. I'm not sure what my favorite love song is! I've been thinking about it for a few days and still can't come up with one. I do really like the song “Walking Her Home” by Mark Shultz. Our daughters and several friends have deemed it “our song” as they say it reminds them of Josh and me 🙂

    We love to travel too, even though we've never went very far together. 🙂


  2. Becky, I am fairly new to your blog, but I have it as a favorite on my Mac dashboard and visit it about every day. I am a lover of Jesus, reading, music, knitting and cooking aside for a lover of my family! I am moving to China next year to teach English and share Jesus and will be taking some of this wonderful new found music along with me for sure!!! My husband and I met in the 70's and fell in love with the song, Always and Forever by Heatwave. That's the mantra of our marriage and we still dance to it in our home. Thank you again for your wonderful blog! all for HIM! Erin Niedergall


  3. I will be here for you, Steven Curtis chapman

    Then as silly as it is secular songs like Chicago and the I am a man who will fight for your honor….make me smile and realize the blessings I have in a forever marriage but those songs played in restaurants, shops, all the places that were acceptable places to talk as unmarried dates without a chaperone at the table with us.


  4. There is a song called “The Love of My Life”. It talks about my desire to serve Hm, it has something… I listen to it every time I feel down or sad, and just by listening to it, makes me feel good and helps me remember that He is there, no matter what.


  5. Lovely post! My favourite love song is “Summer sent you”, by Irish singer Mary Black. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOCvESYv91M

    The song talks about how they met in the summer straight out of the blue – this is true of me and Pete 🙂 And then the song talks about how in the morning they “gaze on each other with desire”,in the afternoon “misgivings pale into nothing” and that by the evening time “your kiss will be tender and sure….I love you as much as before”. Amen 🙂 ♥


  6. Nice misic!!… well… I love: cara a cara y no es como yo… Also, I doi not travel too much with y hubby, but, we have moved from Mexico to USA to Ottawa, to Quebec through out our married life, living in different countries and cities,… so it has been an adventure as itr is, and has brought us together and created great memories together.. I know I can go to the end of tghe world with Him… I am doing it a little at a tim LOL!… ❤


  7. “no matter where I go, or not go, the eyes of my husband is what I don't want to miss seeing.” So true, Becky! Husband and I love to travel (via Google map, lol). It's always an adventure, we never get lost, always bring enough food and clothing, and somehow still get to sleep in our own sweet bed! Love and blessings!


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