A Love Song That Makes Me Close My Eyes When I Listen -Because I am So In Love-

I read somewhere that Christian marriage is two sinners coming together under God’s covenant, under His blessing, to grow in holiness. This is true, and because it is true I am amazed that even though we are broken and sin against each other, and seek our own interests many times, God’s blessing is enough to restore things and make them beautiful. His blessing is enough to give us precious times with the one we love. His blessings reach every area in our marriages, even our marriage bed. Intimacy between husband and wife is a gift, a joy; not because we are sinless, but because Jesus has redeemed us, and has restored us to a place in which enjoying an intimate time with our husband is a gift, a good gift from above. And his gifts are to be cherished.

Our marriage is not perfect at all -don’t even think that- Even after almost 19 years we are still learning, growing, dying, living. But one thing is sure: I am in love with the man who holds my heart.

This is one of my favorite albums of Kenny G. and this song, Everything I Do, I Do It for You is one that makes me close my eyes.


May we learn to whisper “I love you” more often, and do everything we do for the man who put a ring on our finger and a seal on our heart.


4 thoughts on “A Love Song That Makes Me Close My Eyes When I Listen -Because I am So In Love-

  1. Becky,
    What a wonderful defense a warm and loving marriage is against Modernity and all its twisted, ugly nuiances. The doctrine of the Triune God is displayed in the orthopraxy of such a marriage. Blessings on your home as you are, indeed, blessing others.
    Love to you, dear sister,


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