>Thinking as Christians so that We Can speak as Christians


Today I am sharing about the connection between our thoughts and our words over at Desiring Virtue.

Read my contribution here

Maybe you will see what I have seen: The thoughts we think affect the words we speak.”

Thank you to Jessalyn for giving me the opportunity to share in your wonderful blog today. I have been truly blessed by your desire to bless God in all.

Under His sun and by His Grace,



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>I am Preparing a Banquet.


Have you ever planned a great feast for many?  Or a  banquet? Or a wonderful reunion with many friends that you love and want everything to be special and beautiful for them?
Well, that is exactly what I am doing. I am preparing a great banquet for you, yes for YOU!
And this kind of banquet is an old fashioned one. It will last a month. Can you imagine, a whole month of getting together, feasting, laughing, some times crying and many times falling to our knees in prayer?
I am excited about this, so be ready!
Consider this to be an invitation, the feast will start this next Friday, April 1st.
Be sure to come and invite your dearest friends. O, and I forgot to mention that just as in every good celebration, there will be surprises for some of you to take home!
I will be here, waiting for you.
Until then,

>Octavius Winslow’s Book -Help Heavenward- Chapter 9- and few other links-

>I am having a busy day here, but I encourage you to read Matthew Blair’s summary on chapter 9 of this excellent book by Octavius Winslow, Help Heavenward (read it here.)

Help Heavenward Chapter 9

And if you have time please read an excellent and very important post by Diane at Theology for Girls, entitled Discernment and the Elect Lady.

Theology for Girls

Lastly a quote from one of my dearest friends, Elizabeth,

“It’s common to want a quick fix, a cure for getting your troubled soul out of hock… But there’s no greater balm for sin than the cross of Christ, where does flow a bloody tide of forgiveness; removing wrath and pain, filling with peace and joy.”

Have a most blessed day dear friends,

>Fridays are for Visiting Friends


Friday is here, and my friends, while you relax I would love to share with you some great news that are happening just “one-click” away!

(Two) THREE wonderful giveaways that you don’t want to miss this weekend are found here:
Heavenly Springs

AND …. I almost forgot the one at Persis’ place:

Tried by Fire

Have you stopped by Theology for Girls lately? Diane is hosting every Thursday a “Compact Course in Systematic Theology”. I would really encourage you to follow along; specially if you don’t have time to sit and study the Systematic Theology books while you teach, cook, clean, and change diapers!

Do you remember my friend Eileen from our Philippians Study? Well, I want to say two things here, first, if you missed her Inductive Study through this Epistle and are memorizing Philippians with P2R, maybe you would love to study in depth what you are memorizing! Go here if you are interested in doing so.

The second thing I want to say is this: I recommend you to visit Eileen’s daughter’s blog, The Rejoicing Heart, and recommend it to your young friends! Rachel is a young lady who writes a beautiful and God honoring blog.

If you feel like reading some poetry, Petra wrote a beautiful piece here.

And lastly, I would love it if  you have time to visit my photography blog, My Daily Journey -through my lens-  (if you haven’t had a chance to do so.)

May this weekend be one in which you find time to be with those friends you love so much!

Under His sun and by His grace,

>From Here and There


The Adoration of the Magi (engraving) by Albrecht Dürer

Just for you to know….

Our Christmas Tree is still up; lights are on and the spirit of Christmas is still hanging in the air. We are still talking about the different events surrounding our Lord’s coming. Every thing will remain like this until the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6th (In the context of the Christian Church, Epiphany has a more specific reference: it celebrates the manifestation of the divine nature of Jesus to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi. The feast of Epiphany is observed on January sixth, twelve days after Christmas.)  So, yes… I still have one more post under the series “Celebrating the Incarnation of Our Lord” next Wednesday, when, God willing, I will be sharing about the Wise Men visiting our Saviour Jesus Christ.

On Blog Reading… what I want to do this coming year.

I just LOVE to read my friend’s thoughts, your thoughts,  I am always encouraged to hear how the Lord is dealing with each one of us. I am grateful that I have been “reading” many books with you, just by reading your excerpts, quotes and thoughts. Now, I don’t want to miss those grains of wisdom I am gleaning, so I have decided, to read you always with my journal on hand to pour in there what I am learning from you. (I have done it before, but not as a regular habit)

On Kindles…

I am in. Yes. I cannot believe it but I have a Kindle now.  The most surprising thing: I am actually enjoying it!  I even thought on writing a review, but my friend Trisha did an excellent one, so I will invite you to read hers here and please also read this little piece she wrote which really made me laugh. (also about Kindles)

On gifts that take one year to make and thoughts for 2011…

This is a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. idea that Missy shares with us… a book of quotes, thoughts and ideas, that she made for her husband. I would really want to do that.  You can read more about this here.
She also wrote a thought provoking post about her resolutions for 2011. I encourage you to read this too.

On Memorizing the Word of God…

My Moleskin is ready. I am already working with the first verses of this beautiful and challenging project: Memorizing Philippians “The goal is to memorize the entire book of Philippians by Easter Sunday (April 24, 2011) through partnering with other believers using the memory moleskine.”   You still have time to join us!

On reading together….

I also have my e-book ready to read along with other believers Help Heavenward by Octavius Winslow; Matthew Blair is hosting this Reading Group. maybe you would like to join us too.

A Closing quote from my good friend Elizabeth DeBarros:

“Resolutions scare me for the will-worship required to keep them, but if by some touch of grace I can change, become more like Christ, so help me God”

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

Under His sun and by His grace…