Our Homeschooling Goals

 This time of the year is planning time for Moms who homeschool, but most of all, I think Summer should be a time for us to make an effort to examine our motives, (obviously this is best when done with your husband, the headmaster of your homeschool!)

Why are we homeschooling our children?
What keeps me up and going every day?  

There is one book in particular that I have read many, many times now, always in the summer, and it helps me focus on what I believe is the heart of homeschooling, it is entitled When You Rise Up. a Covenantal Approach to Homeschooling, by Dr. R.C Sproul Jr.

If you are homeschooling and haven’t read this book, I would love to encourage you to read it, it will be like honey to your soul.

Besides reading and searching my heart, and praying, and organizing shelves with books  and shopping online for more, and register my children for new online classes, I take the time to go through the goals our husband and I  have set  for our homeschool.

So here they are, from the archives (September 17, 2009) some have been added later.


My husband and I drafted some of these goals in the year 2006, we have been updating them since then; now I want to share them with you.

Maybe you are thinking about starting to homeschool, or maybe you are weary after some years of doing it and need to be reminded of all the goals, that I am sure , you set before your eyes one day. I am sure I will come back many a  days to add more goals as my children keep on growing.

May God help us achieve them!

1. Raise men and women who honor God and fear his commandments.

2. Raise men and women with godly character qualities, virtue, honor, responsibility, truth, love, faithfulness, honesty, hard workers, merciful, generous.

3. Raise men and women who will know by heart the Scriptures, that can make them wise unto salvation.

4. Raise men and women prepared to make right  decisions and stand firm on them.

5. Raise men and women who marry Christians, and build godly families.

6. Raise men and women who  love to study, read, learn; capable of teaching.

7. Raise men and women able to love and appreciate aesthetics; music, arts, literature.

8. Raise men and women capable of expressing clearly  their thoughts and defend their beliefs, both, verbally and  written.

9. Raise men and women who will leave a heritage of godly principles to their children and   grandchildren.

10. Raise men and women who’d love their Mom and Dad until the day they’d be taken away to their home in Heaven.

11. Raise men and women who will be able to understand that God’s Sovereignty has shaped our world and our history up to this day.

12. Raise men and women able to communicate in more than two languages, to be able to share the gospel in different places, and different circumstances.

13. Raise men and women willing to serve others, willing  to live with open hands, always ready to give.

14. Teach our children that their best friends will always be at home.

15. Teach them to be godly fathers and mothers. Our young men need to be taught how to be providers and our women need to be taught how to be homekeepers.

16. Love the elderly and come to them. Be wise enough to listen to them and take their advice.

17. Do not walk in the way of the sinners.

18. Be able to discern sound doctrine from false teaching.


 What are some of your main goals when raising your children? 

Please share!

5 thoughts on “Our Homeschooling Goals

  1. Becky every time I read your goals I can see how mercifully is our Lord because he has let you and your husband to see many of this goals reached.
    Thanks to the Lord because one day we met your family and it has been a God´s gift for me to be your friend.
    Love you and missed you.


  2. This is wonderful Becky! I’m sending this link to my daughter. She plans on homeschooling and will appreciate the ideas!

    God bless you as you train up your children in the nurture and admonintion of the Lord!

    With love!


  3. I haven’t read the book yet but have been listening to RYM podcast this week. RC Sproul Jr. is talking about education. It’s really good. I’ll have to check out the book as well. Oh, and your goals are great. A while ago we chose our mission statement as a family from Joshua 24:15, but definitely would be good to have goals clearly written down as yours.
    Have a blessed week, Ivonne


  4. I was working on the homeschool notification form this morning, so your post is very timely. I have to remind myself that my daughter’s character and walk with the Lord are more important and of more eternal value than the greatest academic achievement or lucrative career. Since we’re in the post-feminist era, it also goes against the tide to encourage my daughter in Titus 2.

    Thanks for posting this, Becky. Your goals are encouraging to this homeschool mom. I also need to check out your book recommendation.


  5. I love the book When You Rise Up! I haven’t read Sproul, Jr.’s more recent one on education, can’t wait to get to it!

    I haven’t formally written out our goals. I’ll talk to my husband about it tonight!

    Our main goal is that they learn about the Lord, who He is, and His Truth. We want them to learn about the world keeping Him at the forefront of their minds–His sovereignty, His justice and mercy, and His love.

    I’ve thought about writing these things down. There’s something “concrete” about putting things in writing. I will put those thoughts into action! Thanks for the reminder and encouragement!


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