Planning Ahead -More about Homeschool-

We know those days will certainly come, those days where you are sick, or one of your children needs to be taken to a doctor’s appointment, or your husband asks you to go with him somewhere in the middle of the day, or your parents visit you from out of town.  (Hopefully those days do not happen very often!)

So here is one idea, as you plan ahead your school year…

Plan ahead which subjects can’t be put off, what is priority for you.

Math has always been for me a priority because I do not like it, (and my children do not love it either). They had to work Math 5 days a week if one week day was missing they had to work on Saturdays.

What about reading? Children can keep up with their reading even in those days, maybe you will let them not write an essay about it, but the reading must be completed.

With little ones, specially, it is very important to keep up doing math and reviewing their memory work during summer, so what I am doing this summer vacation, (in August we will be out of our country for  a month) I will be taking her review math cards, for Math and Bible, it will take us only ten minutes per day to do this, and it will be a good thing to do.

Another note about Math. Consider extending your Math work all year round, extend their math through the summer, this will  help them keep up with all they have learned. Three month without math is way too much. You will certainly feel frustrated at the beginning of the new school year as you find out that they forgot their multiplication tables!

I remember, with sadness, that at a certain point in our homeschool, when my older children were all in grammar stage, I put aside some times our early morning devotions, at least I would make them shorter, because there was so much to do. The Lord was merciful and chastened me, and since that day, giving  preeminence to God’s Word has been on my top list of priorities. I do not want them to learn that they can put away, or make shorter, their devotions because of time. If something needed to be changed, then it was the waking up time, not the length of our Bible reading and praying every morning. (If you are wondering where is my husband in all this…he leaves home very, very early)

If you want to do a nice Home Planning Notebook, visit this place. I think I would love to have one!  (but to be true, I am not doing it, I am all happy and settled with my journal!)

Well, I am off  to finish (hopefully today) rearranging some book shelves.

Tomorrow, don’t miss visiting this place, my friend Diane who blogs at Theology for Girls, will be my guest blogger. She is a lovely lady with a passion for our Lord and sound doctrine. I am very happy and humbled that she accepted my invitation. She will be sharing about prayer. (Summer has been all about prayer in our home)

And for the next coming Fridays, I will have a different guest sharing about prayer, as well.


2 thoughts on “Planning Ahead -More about Homeschool-

  1. Petra, I am the first one who has been blessed beyond description on this journey. The Lord has been gracious to set out feet on this path, believe me…I still can’t inderstand how we “decided” to journey through it!



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