>Monday Night Prayer

>From the Valley of Vision… to end our day.

Thou hast made summer and winter, day and night;
    each of these revolutions serves our welfare
    and is full of thy care and kindness.
Thy bounty is seen
    in the relations that train us,
    the laws that defend us,
    the homes that shelter us,
    the food that builds us,
    the raiment that comforts us,
    the continuance of our health, members, senses,
    understanding, memory, affection, will.
But as stars fade before the rising sun,
    thou hast eclipsed all these benefits
    in the wisdom and grace that purposed
    redemption by Jesus thy Son.
Blessed be thy mercy that laid help on
    one that is might and willing,
    one that is able to save the uttermost.
Make us deeply sensible of our need of his saving grace,
    of the blood that cleanses,
    of the rest he has promised,
And impute to us that righteousness which justifies the guilty,
    gives them a title to eternal life,
    and possession of the Spirit.
May we love the freeness of salvation, and joy in its holiness;
Give us faith to grasp thy promises, that are our hope,
    provide for every exigencvy, and prevent every evil;
Keep our hearts from straying after forbidden pleasure;
May thy will bind all our wishes;
Let us live out of the world as to its spirit, maxim, manners,
   but live in it as the sphere of our action and usefulness;
May we be alive to every call of duty, accepting without question
   thy determination of our circumstances and our service.

May we go to bed meditating on His goodness!

>Monday Morning Prayer


You know how I love to share with you every Monday those mercies that God has bestowed so generously upon  me and my family. This weekend I have been thinking about some of the words that Staci Eastin said in her book, The Organized Heart,
Make Your Schedule a Matter of Prayer
Today, I am simply grateful for that phrase, for those words that have given me lots to think about. So today, instead of sharing my gratitude list with you; I will share a prayer from The Valley of Vision; a prayer for Monday mornings (In the evening I will post one to close our day)
Thou hast made and upholdest all things by the word of thy power;
                           darkness is thy pavilion,
                           thou walkest on the wings of the wind;
                           all nations are nothing before Thee;
                           one generation succeeds another,
                           and we hasten back to the dust;
                           the heavens we behold will banish away
                           like the clouds that cover them,
                           the earth we tread on will dossolve
                           as a morning dream;
But Thou, unchangeable and incorruptible,
                 art for ever and ever,
                 God over all, blessed eternally.
Infinitely great and glorious Thou art.
We are thy offspring and thy care.
Thy hands have made and fashioned us.
Thou hast watched over us with more than parental love,
                                     more than maternal tenderness.
Thou hast holden our soul in life,
and not suffered our feet to be moved.
Thy Divine power has given us all things
necessary for life and godliness.
Let us bless thee at all times and forget not how thou hast
           forgiven our iniquities,
           healed our diseases,
           redeemed our lives from destruction,
           crowned us with lovingkindness and tender mercies,
           satisfied our mouths with good things,
           renewed our youth like the eagle’s.
May thy Holy Scriptures
              govern every part of our lives,
              and regulate the discharge of all our duties,
              so that we may adorn thy doctrine in all things.
May our schedules this week be bathed with prayer; let us see that all that the Lord has set before us to do be governed by Him.

You may want to know that my dear friend Trisha is having a giveaway of Staci Eastin’s book, The Organized Heart, go visit her here, you don’t want to miss it!

>A Borrowed Prayer… for Busy Days


Busy days come and I am grateful for those too.  They teach me (mostly by force) how to manage my time more wisely and how to set priorities in order. And talking about priorities, I have been thinking that they are a little bit like my ONE drawer that for some strange reason, always falls into disorder. It is so hard for me to maintain it orderly at all times! So it is with my priorities, some are always  in its place, but some others tend to slip away with no difficulty.
Today is Thursday of Borrowed Words, and even though I have great quotes from my reading corner, I have decided to post these quotes from different prayers from The Valley of Vision, prayers that I need to mutter all day long on busy days…

Whose power is infinite and wisdom infallible,
order things that may neither hinder, nor discourage me,
nor prove obstacles to the progress of thy cause…

May I follow duty and not any foolish device of my own;
Permit me not to labour at work which thou wilt not bless,
That I may serve thee without disgrace or debt;
Let me dwell in thy most secret place under thy shadow…
(O that I might learn no abide there no matter how busy the day might be!)

I am entirely dependent upon thee for support, counsel, consolation.” 

“Sanctify and prosper my domestic devotion,
instruction, discipline, example,
that my house may be a nursery for heaven,
my church the garden of the Lord,
enriched with trees of righteousness of thy planting,
for thy glory.”
I come to thee for the grace another day will require
for its duties and events.
I step out into a wicked world,
I carry about with me an evil heart,
I know that without thee I can do nothing,
that everything with which I shall be concerned,
however harmless in itself,
may prove an occasion of sin or folly,
unless I am kept by thy power.
May I engage in nothing in which I cannot implore thy blessing,
and in which I cannot invite thy inspection.
Teach me how to use the world, and not abuse it,
to improve my talents,
to redeem my time, 
to walk in wisdom toward those without,
and in kindness to those within,
to do good to all men,
and especially to my fellow Christians.

And to thee be the glory.”


All pictures on today’s post were taken by my beautiful daughter.
And don’t forget that Thursday is a very good day to study some Systematic Theology… My friend Diane hosts Thursday Theology, A Compact Course on Systematic Theology. Today’s study is found here.

>Year’s End Prayer



Thou art good when thou givest,
when thou takes away,
when the sun shines upon me,
when night gathers over me.
Thou hast loved me before the foundation of the world,
and in love didst redeem my soul;
Thou dost love me still,
inspite of my hard heart, ingratitude, distrust.
Thy goodness has been with me during another year,
leading me through a twisting wilderness,
in retreat helping me to asvance,
when beaten back making sure headway.
Thy goodness will be with me in the year ahead;
I hoist sail and draw up anchor,
With Thee as the blessed pilot of my future as of my past.
I bless Thee that thou hast veiled my eyes to the waters ahead.
If Thou hast appointed storms of tribulation,
Thou wilt be with me in them;
If I have to pass through tempests of persecution and temptation,
I shall not drown;
If I am to die,
I shall see thy face sooner;
If a painful end is to be my lot,
grant me grace that my faith fail not;
If I am to be cast aside from the service I love,
I can make no stipulation;
Only glorify thyself in me whether in comfort or trial,
as a chosen vessel meet always for thy use.
The Valley of Vision
May you, my dear friend, have a most blessed
New Year!

I pray that God will grant us this year to Live in the Sacred…

To abide under His shadow,

To love Him more and 

rejoice more and more in Him.

May your days be filled with grace,

and His song be always in our mouth.

Another prayer worth praying…. A Prayer About New Year’s Eve by Scotty Smith

>Borrowed Words -From the Valley of Vision-


Today I am thankful for the privileges that I have in Christ.

O Lord God,Teach me to know that grace precedes, accompanies, and follows
my salvation,
that it sustains the redeemed soul,
that no one link of its chain can never break.
From Calvary’s cross wave upon wave of grace reaches me,
deals with my sin,
washes me clean,
renews my heart,
strengthens my will,
draws out my affection,
kindles a flame in my soul,
rules through my inner man,
consecrates my every thought, word, work,
teaches me thy immeasurable love.
How great are my privileges in Jesus Christ!
Without Him i stand off, a stranger, an outcast;
In Him I draw near and touch his kingly scepter.
Without Him I dare not  lift up my guilty eyes;
In Him I gaze upon my Father- God and friend.
Without Him I hide my lips in trembling shame;
in Him I open my mouth in petition and praise.
Without Him all is wrath and consuming fire;
In Him is all love, and the repose of my soul.
Without Him is gaping hell below me, and eternal anguish;
in Him its gates are barred to me by His precious blood.
Without Him darkness spreads its horrors in front;
in Him an eternity of glory is my boundless horizon.
Without Him all within me is terror and dismay,
in Him every accusation is charmed into joy and peace.
Without Him all things external call for my condemnation;
in Him they minister to my comfort,
and are to be enjoyed with thanksgiving.
Praise be to Thee for Grace,
and for the unspeakable gift of Jesus.

>Sunday’s Prayer


Picture taken by my daughter,@Pixels and Stories
Glorious God,
It is the flame of my life to worship Thee,
the crown and glory of my soul to adore Thee,
Heavenly pleasure to approach Thee.
Give me power by Thy Spirit to help me worship now,
that I may forget the world,
be brought into fullness of life,
be refresged, comforted and blessed.
Give me knowledge of thy goodness
that I might not be over-awaed by thy greatness;
Give me Jesus, Son of Man, Son of God,
that I might not be terrified,
but be drawn near with filial love,
with holy boldness;
He is my mediator, brother interpreter,
branch, daysman, Lamb;
him I glorify,
in Him I am set o high.
Crowns to give I have none,
but what thou hast given I return,
content to feel that everything is mine when it is thine,
and the more fully mine when I have yielded it to Thee.
Let me live wholly to my Savior,
free from distractions,
from carrking care,
from hindrances to the pursuit of the narrow way.
I am pardoned through the blood of Jesus-
give me a new sense of it,
continue to pardon me by it,
may I come every day to the fountain,
and every day be washed anew,
that I may worship thee always in spirit and truth.
The Valley of Vision

Today, my friends, I invite you to join me in praise! 
I am thankful to my Lord, for the flame He ignited in my soul,
for the heavenly pleasure I find when I come before Him;
I am thankful for the Holy Spirit, my helper and my strength;
I am grateful, forever grateful,  for Jesus, 
my God and Saviour,
The Perfect Lamb of God who took away my sins!
O, How much I love my Lord!
I am thankful because I know He is interceding, even right now, for me,
I am thankful for the Way to the Father He opened for us, His saints.
I am grateful that all belongs to Him,
that all the good in me, if any, is because of Him,
that I am undone before Him, to gain the pleasure of  being at His feet.
O, How much I love my Lord!
He has pardoned me through His blood!
I am forever thankful!
He sanctifies me 
as I journey under the sun and by His grace,
day by day,
on my way to Heaven….

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